9 March 2011

Sony and Hawkeye

Following yesterdays news that Sony have bought Hawkeye, I've been pondering what Sony will do to extend Hawkeye into something worth more than the purchase price (yes, I am that sad!). I remember talking to Cricinfo many years ago about what I thought was a brilliant revenue opportunity for them - they claimed to record every international delivery, so the company I worked for at the time thought this data would be fantastic for gaming companies. That data would allow computer game players, for example, to face the exact balls that a particular international bowler bowled - surely if you're an English kid (or adult as gaming seems to have seeped into adulthood too, although not for me!), you'd love to face Mitchell Johnson's spell from Perth in the recent Ashes?

I wonder if Sony want to use the Hawkeye ball tracking technology for similar purposes?

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Rich Price said...

If Sony are involved, more players will walk,man