2 January 2008

50 not out

Cricket Burble has now reached it's half-century of wrong decisions following Ponting's LBW today where he got a big inside-edge. Over 50 wrong decisions since May - that's a pretty worrying strike rate considering that the Cricket Burble list of wrong decisions is likely to be an underestimation as I can't watch all Test and ODI cricket around the world on TV, much as I might like to!

Anyway, 50 not out and expecting to power our way to a century pretty quickly given the rate of wrong umpiring decisions.

Later note: in fact the 50th wrong decision in the list is now Ponting's edge down the leg-side that wasn't picked up, leaving the subsequent wrong LBW, mentioned above, as the 51st wrong decision.


Peter Lamb said...

Agree about the Ponting lbw, but what about earlier when he was given not out caught behind off a leg glance when Tony Greig said he "hit the cover off the ball". I wouldn't have said it was quite as obvious as that but I don't think there was much doubt that he hit it (umpire was Benson). Also, Symonds was wrongly given not out caught (Bucknor) and also survived an clear stumping (3rd umpire). So perhaps Australia, far from being hard done by, were in fact pretty fortunate.

Ed said...

The Symonds not out for the catch is on the list but the commentary I've seen suggested the 3rd umpire stumping was very very close so not out (i.e. they weren't sure if it was out or not) I assumed, was the correct call giving the batsman the benefit. If it was "definitely" out then I'll add it to the list.

I was already making enquiries with the Aussie audience to find out if Ponting had hit the one you've mentioned down the leg-side - I'll add it to the list given your comments.