1 January 2008

Ranatunga takes Sri Lanka role

It must be because professional sport offers such a short career that so many ex-players end up in administrative positions after their retirement. After all, it would be pretty tricky to take up a completely different career, so no-one can blame them. However, presumably ability to do the job must come first in the selection criteria, and the fact that they used to play the game a distant but advantageous second, I would hope.

But time and again players move into admin roles all around the world. And it's not necessarily the down to earth business like players that get these roles - it's often the more outspoken players like Gaveskar and Miandad. This time it's Ranatunga in Sri Lanka who is changing his role within Sri Lankan cricket. I hope that he does well, but I can't help feeling that he may be another who's ego comes first, and his job requirements come second - I hope I'm proved wrong.

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