13 January 2008

Ganguly in the last test

I've checked all the reports I can and can find no "proof" that Ganguly wasn't out caught by Michael Clarke in the last Australia v India Test. And yet someone who saw the replay on Sky suggested that it was definitely, without doubt, not out and the ball didn't carry.

Anyone with Sky care to comment? At the moment the Ganguly decision isn't on the wrong decisions list.


Peter Lamb said...

I didn't think any of the Sky replays were sufficiently clear to be conclusive either way, nor apparently did the commentators. On that basis the batsman should have got the benefit of the doubt.
What appeared to happen was that Ponting said it was out so the umpire gave it out. I read somewhere (Daily Telegraph?) that that was what was agreed (for a "did the ball carry?" situation only) between Kumble and Ponting before the start of the match. Whilst in club cricket it is conventional to accept the fielder's word in this situation, I'm don't think it should be in test cricket where replays are available. After all, in club cricket there are (or were, I retired six years ago) far more "walkers" than there are in test cricket, and to take the word of such a celebrated non-walker as Ponting seems strangely inconsistent and looks like a no-win situation for umpires and opponents alike.

Anonymous said...

From my extensive viewing I am sure I saw the ball touch the ground... so I would have to say it was not out....although I could be mistaking it for any number of terrible decisions from that test

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