14 January 2008


Why does W H Smith at Waterloo station keep The Wisden Cricketer on the top shelf with all the other magazines you'd expect to see there?

Why did Chris Gayle need a runner in the last test for a broken thumb?

Why do they measure the speed of a cricket ball in miles per hour when it will never go for a mile or for an hour ? What we need is a measure based on how deep it would go into a hedge at that speed or how many fingers it would break.


Anonymous said...

I thought Gayle was batting with a runner even before he had his thumb broken by Nel, this was why he had come in down the order instead of opening.

Ed said...

I can corroborate what WInks says.

An excuse to peruse the top shelf in WH SMiths in Waterloo without looking *too* shifty, me thinks.