19 January 2008

New umpires, same result

Not surprisingly, the change by the ICC to use Billy Bowden instead of Steve Bucknor in the 3rd Test between Australia and India resulted in no less mistakes by the official. Like Bucknor, Bowden made two definite mistakes in all and, like Bucknor, one came at a crucial stage on the final day. The reduction in wrong decisions actually came at the other end, with Asad Rauf also making two wrong decisions, compared to Mark Benson's four* in the 2nd Test (*although 4 is harsh on him - it was really 3 as the "catch" by Clarke of Ganguly was given on the basis of the agreement between the sides that the fielding captain would be trusted to say if the ball carried - it wasn't Benson's mistake).

Bucknor made no secret of the fact he was disappointed to be replaced, but yesterday said that he's happy to continue for another year if the ICC want him. On the basis of the wrong decisions in the 3rd Test being no less than the 2nd, the ICC need to apologise for the way they treated him and continue with him in all matches as scheduled, whether India are involved or not.

But the damage has now been done and India will feel that they can change umpires when they aren't happy with them. All it takes is for this to happen:

"We have asked our team management to lodge a protest to the ICC match referee against the wrong umpiring decisions made today by Steve Bucknor. The wrong decisions made by Bucknor have been commented upon by all cricketers and analysts alike," said BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla."I am sure the International Cricket Council will be monitoring the matter in Dubai and take appropriate actions," Shukla said.

Funnily enough there doesn't seem to be any mention of India complaining about the wrong umpiring decisions now that they've won, so presumably there will be no pressure on the ICC despite their replacement making the same number of definitely wrong decisions as Bucknor.

(Incidentally, I've finally found video footage of some of the 2nd Test controversial decisions - click here to see them on YouTube).

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Anonymous said...

Its the type of wrong decisions that was the problem. Bucknor's were just horrid. In the Perth test couple of lbw decisions ( incidentlly against india as well) were errors of judgement and not so contraversial. Indeed in nearly all tests you will get some debatable lbw decision. But there is no excuse not to refer a decision to the third umpire as big Steve Buck did.