31 May 2008

1925: Hobbs makes his 125th and 126th century

This is an interesting little piece of cricketing history that I didn't know about. For those equally in the dark as me about the way Jack Hobbs overtook WG Grace's 125 centuries, read this article on Cricinfo.

I found this comment intriguing "...on 97 he danced down the pitch, missed the ball but Mervyn Hill failed - or chose not to - complete the stumping." Surely, even back then when cricket was played in the most fair of spirits, a keeper wouldn't deliberately miss a stumping in a 1st class game?

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Andrew said...

I remember reading about an instance some years ago, of two batsmen colliding whilst running in a test match, and the keeper opting not to take the bails off, as he felt it was unsporting, but sadly I can't remember who it was or when, and a perfunctory google search yields nothing. If I can dig it up I'll post a link.