13 May 2008

England XI (or XII)

So, the England squad was announced on Sunday and there seemed to be a huge surprise that Hoggard had returned to the squad. I can't see why as the selectors are fairly predictable.

This squad doesn't surprise me. There is a strong bias against bowlers who have to be 'on form' to be selected but batsmen can carry on with low scores and still get picked. I would have liked Collingwood to have been given a rest so that a) he could recuperate from his shoulder injury and b) get some runs in the county championship. His replacement would have been Bopara (picked on the excellent start he has had to this season and also provide a handy 5th bowler).


Ed said...

I agree that Hoggard being in the squad was no surprise to anybody. But the press need to try to find an angle!

I just hope he gets in the side now.....on current form Broad should drop out but that weakens the batting so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Ed said...

Gutted they haven't picked Hoggard. I know it makes the batting weaker but I'd have picked him ahead of Broad - even if Broad now takes 10 wickets in the match! Failing that if they thought that would be 3 seam bowlers who were too similar I'd have played Hoggard ahead of Anderson....he has made himself look stupid with all this "I could be one of the best in the world" chat - even if he thinks he could be he should keep that to himself so he obviously hasn't listened much at media training!