23 May 2008

Vettori could win it for NZ

Now I realise that this is a tad defeatist as an England supporter, but from the brief bit of the Test match I've watched so far, I don't think the England players will be looking forward to facing Vettori in the 4th innings. It's turning a lot already for Panesar on the 1st day, but for the part that I watched he was bowling too short. Having said that it's great to see that Vaughan brought Panesar on in the 9th over as an attacking weapon. Vaughan has changed ODI results with that tactic in the past and, although it didn't come off today, in the right circumstances it's worth a go.

You can see the latest scorecard here.

On another note, was that Flynn's tooth falling out after he was hit when they showed it in ultra slow motion?

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