8 May 2008

IPL comings, but no-goings

It's getting really boring hearing about English players who have been approached by the IPL - is there anyone that hasn't been approached? The ECB should have been very clear that while they were going to support the IPL over the ICL, they expected something in return - hands off potential England players this year, while they sort out schedules to allow England players to play moving forward, if they so wish. As it is now, the players are showing a lot of restraint not to take the money. What I'm still trying to get my head round is why these players are being approached - each team seems to have far too many overseas players given the quota allowed per game. Moving forward I'm sure the owners will realise that they aren't exactly getting value for money.

On a positive note for the IPL, what ever traditionalists' concerns, I think it will be around for a while, despite fellow Cricket Burbler Mark Davis' recent views. The news today that Vodafone has just signed a 5-year deal gives the competition some big funds, but more importantly gives it credibility.

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