31 May 2008

Bopara takes record Essex ODI score

Readers of Cricket Burble will know that I'm a far of Ravi Bopara and think that he's been shoddily treated by England. In his 3 Tests to date he's not batted once, he's had a wrong decision, and he's been run out once, so despite Strauss' resurgence, I still think Bopara should have been given a proper run in the side.

He's been playing beautifully all season and it all came together yesterday for him as he scored 201 not out at a strike rate of over 140 for Essex with Geoff Miller watching. I'd love to see him and Pietersen fill numbers 3 and 4 in the batting order in the ODIs coming up, in whichever order they prefer, but unfortunately I fear Bopara will be asked to drop down to 7 which will mean we won't see the best of him.

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