22 May 2008

Bowlers - a new analysis ?

Time was when the main judge of a bowler was his average and little else was considered but now we have economy rates (ouch!) and strike rates (o k ) as well as the speed of each ball bowled.

We get told the fastest, slowest and average speeds for each bowlers and as ever talk is of variations in speed - how long will it be before bowlers get marked on the mean differences of their speeds?


Ed said...

there's loads of opportunity here:
- average seam movement
- average seam movement for match versus overall seam movement for match
- same as above for swing
- amount of spin
- arm speed v ball speed (to show how well changes of pace are disguised)
- vertical degrees of bounce

All should be able to be looked at v other world bowlers, others in the match, at that ground ever, etc etc.

The world of cricketing stats could be endless!!

Andrew said...

Better late than never (catching up on my burble action today), I was talking about this article at the weekend:


An interesting insight into the world of sporting statistics, and raises the interesting point that many of the stats we hear are not necessarily the best ones for judging a player's worth.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...
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