21 May 2008

Cricketing extra time

Watching the Champions League final has made me wonder about cricketing extra time. If an ODI or Twenty20 finishes with the scores level perhaps cricket might want to consider a one over "shoot out" for each side? Wickets would need to be a negative, but apart from that it would be cricket as normal (well as normal in Twenty20).

Pietersen and Collingwood v Symonds and Hussey sounds like an interesting match up....perhaps with Lee and Sidebottom as the bowlers....

I wonder if there'd be any appetite for that amongst cricket fans?

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Mark Davis said...

Or let's repeat the sixties revival of single wicket matches. In that decade and maybe a bit later there was an annual end of season day at Lords where all the stars competed in an knock-out tournament with fielding by the ground staff boys (gave them a day in the limelight).
Matches were limited overs (I think 5 each) but out was out so some matches were very short!
They were excellent days.