21 June 2010

CMJ on the current cricketing issues

As part of the Adur Festival Christopher Martin-Jenkins came to Steyning CC last night to talk about his book "The Top 100 Cricketers of All Time" and to sign a few copies. He related a few anecdotes that got a number of chortles and he wasn't amazingly polished and fluent, which perhaps endeared him to his audience more than if he had been. And he also got his audience on his side by saying that he'd forgotten what a picturesque ground Steyning is (he has played for Horsham at Steyning in the past).

When it came to the Q&A it was clear that he's anti-technology because of the immediacy of an umpiring decision that is made without review. And his suggestion is that 50 over cricket may have some cosmetic surgery but all 3 forms of cricket will remain - he thinks it may change to 40 over cricket.

A quality evening.


Allan Hawkey said...

Did you challenge him about technology in the Q&A?

Ed said...

I asked the kickoff question about what he thought the future of 50 over cricket was....you know, the one where you know everyone has questions but no-one is willing to ask the first one!

Someone else asked about technology and I didn't feel I could then chip in giving my view! What I noted though was that his problem with technology was how long it takes, rather than suggesting it's acceptable to have some wrong decisions and it's all part of the game.

So my take out was that with a properly rolled out UDRS having put the time into getting the technology right, and having practiced it's use by 3rd umpires so that speed of decision improves dramatically, he wouldn't necessaruly be against it.

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