28 June 2010

Strauss a hero again

Once again the English media do a 360 degree turn. 10 months ago Strauss was a valiant (if losing) hero and there were calls for him to be in the Twenty20 side. Then a couple of weeks ago his place was apparently under threat. Now having lead his side to a 3-0 win and scoring 87, The Sun reports his innings "crushed all debate about the Middlesex star's right to open in one-day cricket after England won the World Twenty20 without him."

For me what's encouraging is that his captaincy seems to be improving on top of his quality batting. Michael Clarke's dismissal at the Rose Bowl caught short-leg was a gem for a skipper, and the way he was flexible enough to turn to Collingwood yesterday was another good shout.

Should be about time for him to be dropped/sacked as captain again later this summer....

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