17 June 2010

Twenty20 thoughts

Following last night's match, here's a few things I think the ECB need to consider in English Twenty20.

Stipulate a boundary size that allows more 2s (some fielders at Hove last night were running in from long on and long off and under-arming to the bowler's end they were so near - that can't be right!?).

Reduce the inner ring size from 30 yards to 22 or max 25 yards so that players in the ring are forced to save one. Otherwise it all gets quite dull when it's one a ball. Or potentially atleast speak to the ICC about it, if they're worried about ensuring we play to global rules/laws.

Consider (with the counties) floodlights and how to minimize the glare for players - there is no way a player could catch a ball that went into the lights at Hove unless they have some kind of special shaded glasses. Are floodlights definitely needed at this time of year if the matches start at the right time?

Consider the best start times - is 7:10 too late to start given the number of children watching, when the game ends at 10? Or even for adults that may start work early the following day?

Consider (with the counties) temporary cover over shaded non-covered stands to protect from the wind (given last night's experience), or give out free returnable rugs.

Consider (with the counties) sound levels - it was too (unnecessarily) loud for me as a spectator (showing my age!), and I felt sorry for the local residents.

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