9 June 2010

Strauss isn't under pressure!

What a load of cack being talked in the media about Strauss' position in the ODI team. He's captain and he will be for the World Cup next year. Although, this article on Cricinfo says that there is a "school of thought" that Lumb should recreate his Twenty20 pairing with Kieswetter, if the England management are even considering that I'd be amazed. Lumb didn't set the world alight in the World Twenty20 and is in poor form for Hampshire, so I don't see Strauss as under any pressure at all for his spot. It's all strange media speculation!

Fortunately Flower's comments seem to show his amazement that anyone is questioning Strauss' position as captain, even if Geoff Miller has said something stupid about going elsewhere if we think it's right, when referring to the ODI captaincy.

No doubt Strauss will have a wry smile on his face when he thinks back to last summer when he was almost single-handedly trying to keep England's ODI batting together (he was top scorer in the series in a 6-1 loss against the world's best ODI attack, having been top scorer in The Ashes) and consequently there were calls for him to play in the Twenty20 team! There are short memories in the cricketing media but to question Strauss' position as opener and captain is simply rediculous...

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Dont know why it is that there is speculation on this as Collingwood doesnt even want the 50 over captaincy so there are no other possible candidates.