17 June 2010

Sussex's Twenty20 last night v Gloucestershire


Not the normal Sussex team as England play Scotland on Saturday.

Very young dancing girls. Smoked during the innings change over - must have been over 16?

Very young crowd - loads of kids.

The young boys were more interested in the dancing girls than the cricket.

The girls didn't seem to know what a 4 or a 6 was but they knew to dance when the music blared out.

Poor Sussex fielding.

Guy over the loud speaker trying to get each stand to cheer on his say so.

Many more daughters with their dads than I expected - the young girl was very knowledgeable.

A lot of teeth chattering wives suggesting that it was so cold that they should go home.

Dad's saying "You're enjoying it aren't you kids? Yes, 'course you are."

Good business at the club shop as people bought extra layers.

Guy over the loud speaker identifying the bowlers and catchers wrong.

Gloucestershire claiming a catch that wasn't (shouldn't the player be fined/banned?)

Nash trying to run one back to the bowler (run out).

Almost no 2s.

Horns blaring from the loud speaker whenever the bowling changed (nearly every over).

Guy over the loud speaker telling us that they have special packages to watch England on Friday while also watching Sussex (good luck with that - may want to talk to the person who decided to schedule a County Twenty20 on the same night as England play in the World Cup).

Many leaving before the end, including me.

Sussex lost by 8 runs. About as many runs as they gave away through sloppy ground fielding.

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