11 January 2011

Cricinfo to revamp before the World Cup

Sorry, I still can't bring myself to call it ESPNcricinfo - it's like the ICC's desperate attempts to call the UDRS the DRS to take the word umpire out, but in reverse forcing us to remember the ESPN brand every time we go to Cricinfo. Either way, the site is apparently going to be revamped before the World Cup and as someone who works in that area I'll be interested to see the results. The last time the site was updated when ESPN bought Cricinfo, I wrote a brief review of the site, which was balanced rather than 100% complimentary - I doubt I'll be asked again!

What Tom Gleeson made clear a while back was that Cricinfo's mobile traffic is increasing substantially, and that's no surprise. Mobile visitors are going up for most sites but I wonder how many of the quoted 129m page views are people like me who type in the URL on a mobile and then go straight to the bottom of the page to click on the "full site" link. And then how many of the page views are people going back to the homepage as part of their mobile browsing and having to do the same thing multiple times, scrolling down to the full site link. For me, as someone who reads a lot of the Cricinfo content, their mobile site gets in the way of me browsing the full site via my iPhone.

As more and more smart phones are sold and used commonly, I have my doubts whether sites like Cricinfo, that aren't transactional, need a separate mobile site. If they feel they do, the world will be full if people like myself, treating the mobile site as an obstacle to get round rather than what it was designed for - to give easy access to content for those on a mobile rather than a computer. Time will tell if that prediction on the evolution of mobile web content works out....I'll come back to you in 2016 if I remember!

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