11 January 2011

New Zealand's batting

I've got to say that watching the New Zealand v Pakistan Test, Tim McIntosh looked all at sea as New Zealand's opener. He has had some success, with two Test hundreds, but he makes Marcus North look like a confident starter. Gut feel having not watched much of him, is that he's going to struggle to be successful (i.e. average over 40) in Test cricket. But I'm equally concerned about the proposed change if he is dropped to bring in James Franklin in the middle order. Franklin is a Test match number 8 - he has talent but a Test average of 21 from 36 innings just isn't good enough to automatically bat above Vettori who averages 30 despite a recent run of poor form. Wherever he bats, is he really the answer to strengthening the batting line up?

New Zealand's batting looks to have a few holes in it, and until John Wright can find a way of patching them up, they will be prone to collapses and occasional quick losses.

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