9 January 2011

New Zealand's batting struggles again

It was tortuous watching New Zealand batting against Pakistan on day 3 - after the first couple of wickets fell it really was a procession. There is some talent there with the likes of Guptill, Ryder and Williamson but the side's ability to compete still comes down to the big 3 of McCullum, Taylor and Vettori. In the 2nd innings McCullum was given out caught off thigh pad (evening up another wrong decision in the first innings when he was given not out having gloved one), Taylor was run out by his partner Williamson, and Vettori went cheaply having looked in poor health in the field on day 2. New Zealand need to find a way to prosper even when the big 3 fail.

They're unlikely to challenge India for the number 1 slot but New Zealand really can (and need to) improve the consistency of their batting given the decent players at their disposal, and no doubt is one of John Wright's top priorities....

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