9 January 2011

England's ODI side

It seems strange that Alastair Cook isn't around to open the batting in the ODIs given his form, but I think I'd be wanting to find a way of getting England's second best batsman from The Ashes into the side if the Australian ODIs mattered at all. With Bell back, Trott doesn't have a natural position in the side if Davies opens and the best short-term side might be Strauss, Trott, Bell, Pietersen, Morgan, Collingwood, Davies, Bresnan, Swann, Shahzad, Tremlett (given that Anderson isn't available).

But with the World Cup coming up in the sub-continent it will be interesting to see if Trott gets a look in. Class player though he is, there may be a suspicion that slow low wickets may mean that Trott will find it hard to score quickly. If they're single-mindedly preparing for the World Cup, perhaps the side might end up being Strauss, Davies, Bell, Pietersen, Morgan, Collingwood, Yardy, Bresnan, Swann, Shahzad, Tremlett.

It will be interesting to see if Woakes gets any sort of chance to impress. I can't help feeling that Shahzad could be a little expensive in Australia, but I suspect the England management will be hoping that he can get some reverse swing in the middle overs before the ball change and if he can that would be invaluable in Australia and at the World Cup....


Ed said...

But with a quality performance against the PMs XI, pehaps Yardy's left-arm darts do have a place in Australia?!?

Matt T said...

Alright Ed. Just back from the G. Brainless from England to lose after the start they had.
You were proved right about Trott today - I reckon he'll struggle if he gets everything well outside off stump. Colly would have caught at least 1 of the ones he dropped + not sure about his 1 over either!
Lots of other average bowling changes from Strauss today too (took Shazad off just as he was beginning to reverse it, brought him back on again after they'd changed the ball.. then left Yardy on inexplicably just as Watson was beginning to tuck in). Much work to do to win the WC.