12 January 2011

Full, straight and out

As I was listening to the radio commentary of Shaun Tait bowling to Luke Wright. I was saying to myself "if it's full and straight it will be out". Whether or not that was the ball that Wright was expecting, we don't know, but I wonder how many others were thinking the same? Wright is a wholehearted cricketer but I can't help feeling that the world's best bowlers will get the better of him every time, and so it proved.

Lovely to see England keep up their momentum. I hope Ian Bell can keep up his form and his luck...I watched his recorded innings against the PM's XI this morning and it was a fine array of great shots mixed with near misses as fielders couldn't quite get to mishits, including one drop. The same seemed to happen today. Cash in, cash in, Shermy!


Ed said...

Oh dear, following up on this post...it now appears that Luke Wright has the most ducks in an international Twenty20 career!

Pete V said...

Unfortunately he didn't do a lot better tonight. I'm a big Wright fan but he just looks out of his depth against really quick bowling. It's a shame because he's a good fielder and can bowl if required. It will be interesting to see if he stays in the side for the ODI on Sunday