25 January 2011

Lottie Edwards under-rated

Sticking on the women's cricket theme, when I watched England women at Hove last year there were mutterings from those around me that Charlotte "Lottie" Edwards MBE was losing it and that she might not remain England skipper for long. A good tour of Australia - allbeit without being able to bring back the Ashes - and that sort of talk is hopefully long forgotten. I recently suggested that Jacques Kallis was dramatically under-rated and the same could be said for Charlotte Edwards.

Not only has she played exceptionally well over a very long period, as this article at The Spin explains, but she's revered by her team mates and all those in and around the women's game.

Captain or not (and she surely will be for quite a while yet), at only just 31 she's hopefully still got many years of international cricket to play - it's just that people assume she's older because she's been around so long having started at 16. However the rest of her career turns out, it's already an amazing one....long may it continue.

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