25 January 2011

England and Australia hamstrung for World Cup

In 2009 Ricky Ponting complained that the 7 match ODI series lessened his side's chances at the Champions Trophy and in 2011 the same can be said again, this time with the World Cup the looming global competition. If England or Australia win it will not be down to good fixture planning, that's for sure...who needs a 7 match ODI series at any time ever? 5 is quite enough.

The England players needed to return to England for a break and then get out to the sub-continent well in advance to play practice matches there, instead of on hard(ish) Australian wickets. As they haven't they're less likely to win the World Cup. I'm afraid I can't find the article, but there is statistical evidence that team performances slump after 6 weeks away....I'll see if I can locate it again. Not just for the readers of Cricket Burble, but so the ECB can have a read too for when they're next considering fixtures.