26 November 2010

11:30pm start means it's tempting to stay up

Getting old(!) means I'm normally asleep by 11 latest, so my Ashes watching tactics were going to be to get up for the final session of each day. But so far England have lost 6 wickets in the final session yesterday, and not got a wicket in the field during the final session today. Perhaps it's something to do with when I'm watching....the half hour earlier start, due to the early finish yesterday, means that I'm tempted to try to stay awake....anything to try to change the game in England's favour!!

The only issue is that if this works then, just as the batting team can't move during a big partnership, I'm going to have to stay up until 2am throughout the series, and that will definitely have an impact at work! Despite that, 5 wickets in the first session please England!


Aussie Dave said...

Isn't it funny that we feel that wether or not we are watching can have an effect on the play. I missed the first session today, and as I watched wickets tumble in the first hour of the second session I found myself contemplating turning the TV off, because the Aussies seemed to be doing OK when I wasn't watching.
Completely irrational but I think we all do it!

Ed said...

I'm clearly bringing England no luck so I'm going for the tv switch off for sessions 2 and 3!

I'm trying to be as objective as I can, but I can't remember England bowling so well as they did in the first hour without taking a wicket. And how unlucky that when Hussey was out LBW to Anderson they didn't have any referrals left as they'd ready made two 'wrong' referrals. But one of those was Clark when Strauss was certain he'd edged it, and apparently he had done, but snicko wasn't in use.


Peter Lamb said...

Yesterday I went to bed at the lunch interval but listened to the radio commentary. It seemed to work, we got 4 wickets. I'll try it again today.