4 November 2010

Nonsense paper talk

Ed recently burbled about the fact that Marcus North has been mentioned as a possible successor to Ricky Ponting as Australian Test captain. In my opinion this is just silly paper talk, and is not a realistic chance of happening, although not nearly as far fetched as the suggestion in the same article that Cameron White could get the gig! Cameron White is a useful one day cricketer, but will certainly never play another test match, let alone captain one. Callum Ferguson is also mentioned in the article, this could only happen if Ponting plays for another five years or so.......not likely.

This article is one of the reasons I rarely read newspapers anymore.

1 comment:

Ed said...

I see North has rejected this captaincy talk now. Must be a bit embarrassing for him to have to do that when his place in the team is open to question!