11 November 2010

Australia's bowling attack for the Gabba

Given recent scores at the Gabba, I was going to post this morning about how it looks like it's seam friendly and if your spinner is borderline for selection, it looks like a place to go in with 4 seamers. So England will of course play Swann as he's their best bowler, but for Australia I'd be going with Bollinger (assuming he's fit), Harris, Siddle and Johnson, with North, Katich and Clarke able to bowl spin as necessary.

But Greg Chappell seems to be leaning away from 4 seamers, so what do I know?


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Ed said...

I should have added that if I was an Aussie selector I'd play Stuart Clark over one of the foUr seamers I listed, but as he seems totally out of the selector's sights, I've ignored him.

Ed said...

What was I talking about?!?! Hilfenhaus has to be in there but I'd still want to get Harris in there too. So I'd leave out Bollinger or Siddle I reckon....