14 November 2010

Pakistan off the field and on

Interesting piece on the Guardian's blog asking "What if Zulqarnain Haider was right about corruption in Pakistan?" as he seems to have received zero support from any of his countrymen who consider him weak. I'm quite sceptical, but even I would give him more support than that.

I also love the fact that he gave his first press conference when he arrived in the UK from the back room of a Southall curry house!

Haider's actions no doubt were the latest in a string of difficult issues that have led to the Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Sports in Pakistan resigning, so that'll add just a little more turmoil on top of the existing turmoil. Pakistan are actually battling away against South Africa and gave the third Akmal brother, Adnan, a Test debut as keeper, but I'm not sure anyone worries about what happens on the field any more.