3 November 2010

Will it be in the paper tomorrow?

Last week Australia lost to Sri Lanka in a 20/20. The next day in 'The Australian' there was only a report on the Australian team's performance. No mention of the excellent Sri Lankan batting or bowling at all.

Tonight the Aussies lost again (their 9th loss in a row), scoring a below par 240 and at one point having Sri Lanka 107-8 before Angelo Mathews hit 77 and Malinga 56 to take Sri Lanka to a crushing victory (Ed)

I wonder what will be in the paper tomorrow?


Ed said...

Wow, apologies for the assumption that Australia would win!!

Ed said...

were you at the match Pete?

Pete V said...

I'm afraid not. I was playing indoor cricket and they have a TV in the bar. After applauding one pull by Mathews everyone looked at me. I left.

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