5 November 2010

Unswerving loyalty (and stupidity) from Mike Hussey

Captaincy isn't easy and it's important the players understand that no captain can make the right call every time. But Mike Hussey really has taken loyalty to an extreme when he says: "who better to learn under then Ricky Ponting?"

I could try to list the huge number of people that make up the answer, but time is short so instead perhaps it's best to ask the question the other way round. "Who is worse to learn from than Ricky Ponting?" In recent cricketing history, that's easy. Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen and Mohammad Yousuf. Apart from that Ponting is inferior to all other international captains.

But that doesn't mean I think Australia should make a change either - I still think he's best for the Aussie job for the moment.

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