21 November 2010

The Glamorgan fallout

In case you'd missed the inevitable fallout at Glamorgan, Jamie Dalrymple has resigned along with President Peter Walker. That Walker has felt he needs to resign shows how wrong the actions of Chairman Paul Russell and Chief Exec Alan Hamer were - the affected parties (Dalrymple and Maynard) were always going to feel stabbed in the back, but when others are also resigning it just shows crass authoritarian management.

I'm torn now - I'd like to see Glamorgan go up but I'd hate to think that Russell and Hamer might get some undeserved pats on the back should that happen. Glamorgan were favourites for promotion along with the Division 1 relegated teams Kent and Essex prior to this, but if the players pull it off after all this upheaval, they will have done brilliantly.

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