25 July 2007

Dhoni drop crucial

The "real" averages and "wrong" decisions pages have now been updated to include the England v India Test match that ended on Monday.

Michael Vaughan has come in for some stick for a slow over rate (the theory being that it was his field placings that were slow), but what I hadn't picked up on was that Dhoni was dropped on 14 by Collingwood. He is England's best fielder but in this case Collingwood's mistake cost England badly. If he had taken that catch, England would almost certainly have had the game sown up before the rain and bad light came, and Vaughan wouldn't have been criticised.

Clearly as a result of the above, Dhoni's real average is just 7, as opposed to his official average of 76. Strauss is similarly affected having been dropped on 43 in his first innings 96. And Cook and Prior benefit from real averages, as they were both given out LBW to wrong decisions. Rahul Dravid suffered the same fate, but this hasn't affected his real average much. You can view all real averages here.

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