27 July 2007


There are always strong views on both sides when the use of technology is talked about to make decisions. And Hawk-Eye isn't perfect. It is said that Hawk-Eye isn't accurate at the start of matches as it learns as the game progresses and becomes more accurate as a result. But Pietersen's "wrong" LBW today looked not out to the naked eye too....didn't it?

Watching the Channel 5 highlights, as soon as Pietersen was hit and there was a big appeal I sat back in my chair and took a swig of beer while thinking "too high", expecting the umpire to turn down the appeal, only to see the finger go up. Replays confirmed that the ball would have gone over the top. Cook, on the other hand, was given not out when the ball would apparently have just clipped the top of the bails - quite rightly in my opinion as the benefit of the doubt goes to the batsmen. But then he was subsequently given to a dubious decision as well.

The players must sigh when they consider the role luck plays. One day they are given out to a ball going over the stumps, the next they get to carry on and score a hundred - at least technology would remove the role of luck.

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