11 July 2007

Umpiring question for you

I wouldn't have known the answer to this if it wasn't for the fact that a club umpire told me it last week, so I thought I'd "go public" as it were.

The scores are level and the chasing side is 9 wickets down. The bowler bowls a wide but the batsman leaves his crease in the process of playing his shot and is duly stumped by the wicket keeper. Which team wins?

I'll post the answer some time soon...


Anonymous said...

Clearly once a wide is bowled it is 1 run and then the dismissal is applied so the batting team win. I have seen batsmen stumped off wides before in ODIs and the run is applied first then they went to a 3rd umpire replay who gave it out. The wide still stands though.

Anonymous said...

Batting side would win by 0 wickets