20 July 2007

Watching the rain fall

Ok, so the international players at Lords had to watch the rain falling today, but there's something altogether more disconcerting about having to watch it rain when you are a club player. On one of our two days off, or even for both our days off for those that are keen and able still, club players want to either play or use their time to do something else.

A little insight into my life. Tomorrow my wife has the car and I live a distance away from my home ground that many players would consider "a bit far to go" for an away game. My route to the game tomorrow involves the District line, the Bakerloo line and the Metropolitan line. With cricket bag of course. And what are the chances of getting the phonecall to say that the game is off before I leave tomorrow? Pretty near zero if past history is anything to go by.

Ba humbug. Let it be sunny or let it rain like it's never rained before. Ok, maybe not that hard, just enough for me to get the call before 11 tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more - the tube on a Saturday is the bain of my life. A different line closed every weekend, and then a bucket full of tourists looking at you like your the alien for having a cricket bag.

Why do you do it, Ed? Must it be all the success on the pitch?