19 July 2007

Retirement at 24

Nicky Peng, the Glamorgan batsman, has retired at 24, saying that he has "fallen out of love with cricket".

While it is sad if this happens to anyone, the frustration of not being able to play to the level you think you are capable of is one of the worst feelings there is in sport, professional or non-professional. But most of us at club level get used to it! When it is your career, of course, it's a different matter. With a career average of 23.7 after a promising start which saw him play for England under-19s, Peng must have been sensing that with each poor innings his career was one step closer to ending and that has clearly done him some psychological damage.

Given his comments I'm glad that he has taken this step. He feels that he is freeing himself from "the mind games that have affected me" and if it's getting that bad he clearly needs to find another profession - good luck to him....

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