8 July 2007


England still seem to have little idea how to use Monty Panesar in ODIs. Yesterday he only got 6 overs despite being more economical than all the main seamers (Mascarenas was more economical). But more to the point, England didn't take a wicket for long spells and this allowed the West Indies to score very rapidly at the end of their innings. Monty is our best wicket taker AND, on yesterday's performance, one of our most economical bowlers, so he should bowl his full 10 almost every time. You can see the scorecard here.

It's early days for Collingwood, and he certainly can't be as bad as Flintoff no matter what he does, but I struggled to understand the logic yesterday. He brought on Panesar in the 16th over and didn't take the powerplay, but then took at at 18 overs having allowed the batsman 2 overs to get used to spin while tapping it to the deeply laid field for singles. Having got set against him, we then took the 3rd powerplay leaving big gaps for them to hit into.

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