31 July 2007

Jelly beans - why?

At the risk of being accused of being mischievious I wonder whether anybody else has wondered why the England players had jelly beans with them in the first place. Just for energy or is this a repeat of J K Lever's vaseline sweat band?


Mark Davis said...


So England take a second wicket and what's shown in the advert break?

What else but an advert for Skittles jelly beans

Ed said...

From what I can gather they had a planned sledge to Khan about his weight.

What a pity that (a) the England fielders did it in the first place (seems very juvenile!), and (b) that Khan couldn't just laugh it off or eat one!

Maybe the psychologists tell them that they must never take a backward step and Khan was just fighting back, but I think it's a pity that it seems there is very little (or no) friendly banter going on any more.

It rubs off on club players who try to rile the opposition rather than just play the game, leading to a lack of discipline that Paul Graver bemoaned in the Bubleterview. And as a current club player, I much preferred the "old days" (I'm only 29!) when we used to be able to share a laugh with the opposition on the pitch and a beer with them afterwards off it.

Ed said...

What is the story behind "JK Lever's infamous sweatband"? I'm guessing that he used the vaseline to polish one side of the ball? Excuse my ignorance!

GROV said...

I think that the jelly bean thing is a bit pathetic. If I was Zaheer I would either have ignored it or picked them up and eaten them. Incidentally, can any of you who play in the same team as me in the future please sprinkle the pitch with pints of Brakspears bitter just to see if I am offended.

Anonymous said...

All rather reminiscent of the Ian Healy/Ranatunga "Mars Bar" sledge.

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