10 July 2007

Insurance at Worcester?

Kent are upset that Worcestershire didn't move their game at New Road, and Worcestershire's Chief Executive Mark Newton talks on the BBC site about why it is important for them to get playing again financially.

Surely Worcestershire have insurance for this sort of thing? And if they don't, given that their home ground is right next to the River Severn, surely they should have?


Peter Lamb said...

I doubt they would be able to get insurance cover at any price, just as it is unlikely that the increasing number of houses built on flood plains will be insurable. Whilst I am no apologist for insurance companies, they are there to cover against incidents that MAY happen, not those that are CERTAIN to happen.

Ed said...

surely everything has it's price? I would have thought there would be some complex maths based on the number of floods historically and global warming etc and then a likelihood of it happening x likely cost impact gives you an idea of what to charge?

Glad I don't work in insurance or as the FD of Worcestershire CCC!