29 July 2007

Your help please

I've updated the "wrong" decisions page with the (many) wrong decisions from the England v India Test match. But looking at the reports online, I've found no "proof" that Cook wasn't out, although I heard he was unlucky with his LBW on Friday. Did anyone see the decision and confirm if it was out or not, having seen the replays?

Similarly, it seems to be common knowledge that Panesar should have had Jaffer out LBW yesterday too. That is now in the list of "wrong" decisions, but does anyone know which umpire it was that gave it not out?

If you know, please post a comment back, or email cricketburble@gmail.com.

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Peter Lamb said...

Ian Howell was the umpire that gave Jaffer not out lbw to Panesar yesterday. Hawkeye showed it hitting middle stump halfway up having met all the other requirements. What country does Ian Howell come from? I've not heard of him before.
Tendulkar and Ganguly today were disgraceful aberrations by the "world's best umpire": if he's the best heaven help the worst! Whatever happened to giving the batsman the benefit of the doubt? - Not that there was any doubt, neither of today's was even close to being out.
I haven't watched all of this test but it seems to be having more than its share of wrong decisions.