17 August 2010

Botham's international career in stats/graphs

If you're into that sort of thing, here's an overview of Botham's career broken down statistically. Is it sacrilege to suggest that numerically Botham seems to have been a bit of a Flintoff - not quite as good as you'd expect given his reputation?

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Andrew said...

The thing with Botham was the difference between the first and second halves of his career.

His figures for the first 51 of his 102 tests (when he largely made his reputation) are much better than those in his second 51 tests, and also came in a much shorter period of time, whereas the second half was broken up by injuries, controversy etc...

The stats: batting average of 38.80for his first 51 Tests, 28.87 in his last 51 Tests. Bowling average of 23 in his first 51, 36.50.

Flintoff meanwhile, is probably more the reverse, I'd imagine his figures pre and post 2003 are significantly different.