5 August 2010

Glamorgan go AWOL

I'm not quite sure what happened to Glamorgan yesterday but they might as well have not turned up. First Dalrymple won the toss and put Surrey in on a great Oval batting wicket....a questionable decision at the time and a nightmare decision with the benefit of hindsight. Then they bowled a series of length balls and full tosses allowing Hamilton-Brown and Davies to score at more than a ball without taking any risks.

With Hamilton-Brown short of his ground, one unfortunate Glamorgan fielder missed the stumps from one metre away when a dive at the stumps would have assured the wicket. Then there was an easy stumping missed by the normally assured Mark Wallace. Another couple of missed catches, some misfields, and another missed stumping later, and Surrey ended up on a record 40-over score of 386-3 - and that off 2 overs less as their innings was reduced to 38 overs given the weather. So more than 10 an over!

What stood out for me was that Glamorgan's bowlers simply couldn't bowl a yorker - if the Surrey batsman could have asked them where to bowl, it would have been pretty much exactly what was served up. And they had an absolute shocker in the field....worthy of Steyning 1st XI and we've really had some poor fielding performances this season!

The problem for Glamorgan is that they were simply fulfilling a fixture as they're down towards the bottom of the 40 over table. They rested a couple of their bowlers given that their Championship matches are crucial as they're 2nd in Division 2, so they had a weakened side that didn't want to be there. No surprise really then that Surrey dominated, but I'd also fear for Glamorgan - such a humiliating performance could have an impact on their confidence for their upcoming Championship game against Worcestershire.

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