9 August 2010

Yesterday at the Test

Three observations:

1. Swann's ball to get Farhat out was spectacular - the perfect ball.
2. Broad needs to mature rapidly if he's to make the most of his ability - he's not a child anymore but continues to act like one on the pitch.
3. Zulqarnain needs a reality check. It was a good battling innings, but you don't react like that when you score 50, whatever the circumstances. That would have been over the top even for a hundred. Kissing the wicket is appropriate when you've broken the world record only!

1 comment:

Aussie Dave said...

Couldn't agree with you more about Broad. He is one of my least favourite cricketers simply because of his behaviour. It is consistently childish, in fact I would expect better from a 12 year old.