13 August 2010

I take it all back

I've burbled before about a regular captain who frequently encourages his bowlers with a call of 'keep going' after the first ball of a spell no matter what's happened to it. Yesterday I played for a new team ( that's new to me, quite an old club actually) and found a skipper who called our 'keep going' BEFORE the first ball of a spell.


Ed said...

was this by any chance when you made your over 60s debut? I can see the need for early "keep going" call for some of the older members of that particular team!! :-)

Mark Davis said...

Yup and we murdered Surrey ( nice to say that from where I'm sitting). Trouble is they want me to play in the next one, away to Worcestershire. Do you think there are availability problems?

Winks said...

Treat it like a tour game... must be some nice beer in Worcestershire