6 August 2010

Simon Hughes is optimistic

Simon Hughes yesterday gave 10 reasons why England will be world number 1. I admire his optimism and I agree that England are leaving no stone unturned in exactly the way that England's rugby team did under Clive Woodward at the turn of the century. They even (thanks to the ECB) have "Trackman" which looks at how many revolutions are being put on the ball by spinners, exactly as Dave McCabe advocated some time ago on Cricket Burble.

But I find it's less disappointing to be pessimistic and then enjoy unexpected success if and when it comes!


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Simon Hughes - more his books than print journalism and broadcasting and have met him ( both of us with glass in hand admittedly) and he's a lovely chaps but he's definitely in the cheerful optimist camp. The cricket world seems to see him as a bit of a loveable loony.

Ed said...

Well good luck to him...optimism is a great quality - I just don't have it myself! I enjoyed his insights into County changing rooms in the 90s in his book A Lot of Hard Yakka so I imagine he'd be great company over a beer (of glass of wine if you were at a posh do!).