9 August 2010

Jesse Ryder with more drinking issues

It seems that Jesse Ryder has got himself involved in a drinking incident again in New Zealand. Drinking and cricket have often gone hand in hand over the years, but, with so much money now paid to the top professionals, it is increasingly seen as sheer stupidity to throw away a lucrative career as a result of regularly drinking too much.

Players are humans and some will always take things too far. Many in New Zealand have already given up hope of the talented Ryder drinking less and getting it right on the pitch, but I hope he comes good. It's a very fine line between being a Flintoff or a Swann who like to enjoy life off the pitch, or a Symonds who couldn't reign it in when he needed to.

Ryder's never going to be a saint, but I hope for New Zealand and cricket in general that Ryder manages to get back to the right side of the line.

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