8 August 2010

Ed's bowling

I'm looking forward to Ed's next post. Perhaps he might like to explain these bowling figures from yesterdays Steyning game against local rivals Littlehampton. Ed?

O M R W Nb Wd

Luke Chapman 11 2 55 1 0 2
William Buckley 7 2 31 1 0 1
Sam Grant 3 0 15 0 0 0
Christopher Watt 5.3 0 41 2 0 1
Minh Nguyen 13.3 1 55 1 0 0
Ed Lamb 1 0 62 1 0 0


Peter Lamb said...

If you add up the total number of overs attributed to the various bowlers it comes to 41, whereas 51 were actually bowled: suggests Ed's overs bowled should be 11 rather than 1.
The question I'd ask is "why did none of the Steyning batsmen who got starts go on to make a significant score?"

Ed said...

Well I've been trying to forget about Saturday's match given my personal performance, but it wasn't quite as bad as that typo made it seem! It was indeed 11 overs rather than 1. I didn't bowl well at all, but equally a lot of runs came off either edge of the bat, just cleared fielders etc.

What the scorecard doesn't tell you is that it rained when we were 15-0 to liven up the wicket and I went in 3 balls after the resumption. They soon realised that if they bowled short of a length it would be tricky to get away as the ball came off at differing speeds and heights. I was nearly bowled off a short ball that stayed very low while hooking and I was hit on the helmet trying the same shot which probably gives you an indication.

I actually scored 20 - 4 of my runs were given to Diddy Kennett (I will be having words with Sue next week!) but the issue was that myself and Hywel both got out having got in (or as in as it was possibly to be after the rain), both in the same way flicking run balls to square leg.

But all in all very disappointing as I did exactly what I hate top order batsman doing....used up lots of balls trying to get myself in and then got out, leaving the middle/late order to try and score at more than a run a ball with the obvious consequences.

I suspect that will be the end of my daliance with number 3!

Ed said...

The typo has now been corrected!!