6 August 2010

Pakistan team news

So Kamran Akmal is out. Or rested. But at least he's not playing and I think Pakistan have done the right thing there given the morale-sapping results of having a keeper that misses significantly more than a chance a game.

Why Pakistan made their preparation for this Test even more turmoiltuous than it needed to be is difficult to understand. Yousuf needed to be considered for the series, or called up if injuries meant reserves were needed. Not called up mid-series as their new skipper Salman Butt tries to create team unity in a team that epitomise the opposite - something that King Cricket picked up on recently. And having brought Yousuf over as late as yesterday, it was clear that he wasn't going to be right to play today so they needed to rule him out of this Test long ago - not leave the team hanging thinking he may play as they did.

It'll be interesting to see if this impacts Pakistan's performance at all....given the team knows nothing other than turmoil, perhaps it won't have any impact at all!

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