25 June 2008

16 sixes

Graham Napier's innings last night for Essex was pretty special given that he was one six away from a century in sixes alone. It just goes to show the rediculousness of Nick Walker's innings against my team last week when Napier looks slow in comparison!

Just to reignite the discussion about the size of grounds, Napier himself said that even shots that didn't come off the middle were going for six. When will grounds go back to being "proper" size?

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GROV said...

Most of his sixes were long ones so I think that the size of the ground was irrelevant or at least it was the same for both sides. I enjoyed watching Bumble leaving the commentary gantry to retrieve balls especially when he had to negotiate with a lady whose garden one of them went into.

The interesting fact watching it was how much Essex struggled in the first few overs and a total below 140 was predicted.

I can remember scoring loads of runs on a couple of occasions in my career and wondering why it was so difficult 99% of the time so I know how Graham Napier feels.